Outlook 2010 for absolute beginners

This Outlook 2010 course features the most useful techniques you will need when using Outlook 2010 in the workplace.

This Outlook 2010 for absolute beginners’ course covers all the essential aspects of using the world's number one e-mail client. It is designed for anybody who uses Outlook as part of their daily work that has never received any training, and that covers an enormous number of people.

Most of us learn by doing, and in the case of Outlook our knowledge is often gained from talking to colleagues and learning from their experience. Occasionally we may attend a training course but in my experience these are few and far between and are seldom updated even following an update to the software.

Outlook is the e-mail choice for the majority of businesses, and with versions soon to be available for Android and iPhone, Microsoft is certain of its future. Since most of the companies I train use the 2010 version, this is the version I have chosen to use for these tutorials although many of the functions are identical in the 2013 version.

Course outline

The outlook course is brief and concise, but it still covers all the essentials for use in the workplace including:


  • adding an account
  • adding an account in Exchange Server
  • sending e-mail
  • adding an attachment
  • forwarding an e-mail
  • creating a folder
  • creating a subfolder
  • moving messages to a folder
  • using CC and BCC
  • receiving e-mails with attachments
  • replying to an e-mail
  • replying to all
  • turning off the reply to all feature
  • deleting e-mails
  • creating a signature


  • changing calendar views
  • adding an appointment
  • adding an event
  • adding a recurring meeting
  • setting up a meeting
  • sharing a calendar
  • the Scheduling Assistant


  • adding a contact
  • adding a contact from the same company
  • removing the contact
  • creating a business card
  • adding a business card to a signature


  • adding a task via the to do bar
  • adding a task via the tasks page
  • marking task progress
  • marking a task is complete
  • follow-ups
  • assigning a task to someone

Intended Audience: Microsoft Outlook users that have never been trained, Office workers, Secretaries, Administrators, Salespeople

The Outlook 2010 Basics
Using Outlook Folders
Sending Attachments
Setting up a Meeting
Automatic Replies
Using Bcc - the Blind Copy Box
Turning off Reply to All

What's included

  • 10 Video Lessons

  • Works on all devices
  • Certificate of completion

David Millard